4 Tips for Choosing Quartz Countertops

Quartz surfaces are making a splash in the home improvement arena. Not only are they easily maintained, but they come in a great variety of colors and patterns. This versatile material can be used as backsplashes, shower stalls, tub decking, and of course countertops. Here are some tips on how to choose the best quartz countertops Chantilly VA.

1.    Choose your aesthetic

Available in virtually any color or pattern, you need to find the look that fits into the design scheme of your choice. Many companies are able to color match their quartz with the paint of your room.

quartz countertops Chantilly VA.

Some pattern choices that you might consider would be flecked, veined, or granite-like. In more contemporary designs, many manufacturers are able to add bright color schemes as well.

2.    Make sure its thick enough for your purposes

Quartz comes with a standard thickness of 1 ¼-inch. This is about the size you want for kitchen and bathroom counters. For things like edging, you can go smaller to about ¾-inch.

3.    Speaking of edging

Edging will make or break your look. Standard edges are squared with waterfall features. They can be applied to the standard quartz of the countertop. If you want something a little more daring, or unique, try a curved or rounded edge. Just keep in mind that the more customization you add, the higher the price will be.

4.    Consider your installed appliances

Whichever manufacturer you purchase your countertops from will need to know the exact dimensions of your appliances and plumbing features. You’ll need to choose and install those prior to putting in your countertop order.

Precise cuts and holes are required to ensure the best fit of your new countertops. Once you place your order, it most likely will not be able to be changed without a hefty fee.